Our expertise

Our technical expertise is in autologous cell therapy.


The single surgery technology involves harvesting the patients' own stem cells from bone marrow aspirate, normally from the pelvis. It is then concentrated and can be added to an appropriate carrier material. This is all done within the one surgery without the need for laboratory cell expansion, manipulation or selection.


For the regeneration of articular cartilage the stem cell concentrate is added to a sterile manufactured Type I Collagen matrix (equine based). This cell enriched biomaterial is implanted into the patients' cartilage defect through a mini-open or arthroscopic technique using autolgous glue (derived from the patients blood at the time of surgery.


This single-step procedure is an evolution of the 2-step surgery technique, often some 6 weeks apart from each other. Single surgery potentially brings multiple benefits to the patient as it is less disruptive, carries a reduced risk of infection and of course is more cost effective than multiple procedures. The use of stem cell concentration technology arguably represents the latest '3rd generation' in surgical techniques.

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