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The Ultra2Series offers a range of sterile packed, heavy duty, single use hand pieces, powered by either a sterile packed power cord or Li-Ion rechargeable batteries.


The Li-Ion batteries have an anticipated life of fifty (50)+ uses (depending on use and charging pattern).


The Ultra2 series is supplied sterile packed, ready for immediate use (batteries will require charging), making this an ideal solution for delivering an Immediate Power Solution


Featres at a glance:


 50-603-7701-0014 Drill

- Lightweight: 870g

- Operating speed: 0 -1500RPM

- Forward & Reverse


50-601-7701-0007 Oscillating Saw

- Lightweight: 720g

- Operating speed: 0- 14,500RPM oscillations per minute


50-601-7701-0021 Reamer Zimmer / Hudson

50-601-7701-0069 Reamer Jacobs Chuck

- Lightweight: 715g

- Operating speed: 0 -800RPM

- Forward & Reverse

- High Torque

- (Also available with Jacobs chuck, SMX2012-00)


50-603-7701-0137 Power Console

- AC input: 100v - 220v

- Advanced switch mode operation

- Peak current protection at 33Amps

- Weight: 2300g


50-603-7701-0052 Battery Charger

- AC input: 100v - 220v

- Auto cut off when charged

- LED display

- Weight: 360g


50-603-7701-0045 Battery

- Powerful Li-Ion

- Multi-use rechargable

- DC 10v

- Weight: 210g


50-603-7701-0038 Battery Kit (Battery Case and sterile transfer funnel)

- Sterile casing for Li-Ion battery

- Includes transfer funnel


50-603-7701-0304 Power cable

- Length: 3m

- Allows power tools to also be powered via the console


50-603-7701-0328 LED light guide

- Clips onto the hand piece and gives LED visualisation of blade entry point


50-603-7701-0311 Power Console Adapter

Converts the micro console power-port to accept Ultra2 powercable and hand piece



1. Oscillating saw accepts Linvatech style blades

2. Ultra2 drill and reamers are not cannulated


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